Monday, July 9, 2007

Wiffleball Turns 54 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to the great game of wiffleball, a great game played by kids, grown men, and fierce competitors. Follow my lead to DEADSPIN and check out their tribute and some fun facts about one of the most glorious games that can be played in your back yard, the beach, the street...wherever.

I am eager to see what the 5 best teams in America (all that reside in Indiana) look like on the wiffleball field. They must be absolutely insane. The pitchers must have all sorts of slurves, knucklers, and pitches that one never even imagined were physically possible. I'd be interested in taking a road trip to see some of these teams play. We might have to set up a Fall Classic somewhere in the near future and get a bunch of teams together to have a winner-take-all tourney for some cold-hard cash. Anything to enjoy a day of sports, beer, and gambling....oh and Portuguese/Italian/American meats on a grill. Ohhhhh nummm numm nummmmmmm.

Good looks to the boys at for the birthday wishes to wiffleball.

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