Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's Knight Time!

I realize there is still plenty of time until the regular season, but I am curious as to why there are no rumors as to why the Celtics are not targeting Brevin Knight? I know he gets hurt quite a bit, but Knight would be a great free agent signing without giving away too much money. I haven't looked at any of the financials as I will rely on Chieftain to correct me, but who would you rather have in the Playoffs running your team, him or Rando? I am not saying that he is Steve Nash but he would certainly be a solid addition to the Celtics. He is a true point guard that is always at the top of the list in assists and steals, and would be able to distribute the ball between Pierce, Allen, and Jefferson...all while holding onto Theo's contract and Gerald to land another key player (Camby?). I'm not saying we would even be an Eastern Conference favorite but that squad would get me excited.


Anonymous said...

im excited in my pants just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

The NBA is right up there with the holocaust.