Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Antoine's Wiggle Stolen in Robbery

Current Miami Heat and former Boston Celtic forward Antoine Walker was robbed at gunpoint at his home in Chicago on Monday. Walker, along with another unidentified individual, were held at the home at gunpoint while the robbers stole a vehicle, cash, and jewelry. Also stolen in the ruckus was Antoine's patented "wiggle" move used to humiliate teams after a crucial basket. Antoine was said to be very upset about losing his signature dance, because as cars, jewelry, and cash can be replaced.....the wiggle was a once and a lifetime partner.

Chicago police have one suspect that automatically comes to mind whenever anything weird like this happens, R. Kelly. He pees on chicks, so he'll be questioned and detained until the pervert that stole the wiggle is brought to justice.

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Norman P. Orlando said...

suds....the title of this story made me spit coffee all over my keyboard....keep up the good work