Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Have No Idea How This Guy Does This

Since I'm still bitter about Roberto Baggio shanking his penalty kick in the 1994 World Cup against those damn Brazilians....I've decided to try and rekindle my taste for soccer...outside the obvious thousands of hours I've logged playing FIFA 99-07 in the past 8 years.

I still have no idea how this guy does this. Some things seem virtually impossible to me...but I guess someone has to be the greatest juggler in the world....and I'll take this guy on my team anyway. But if you're looking for someone to take corner kicks...give me a call...because in Under 12 soccer, corner kicks was my specialty. I'm sure I'd pull a hammy with one swift kick of the leg, due to the fact that I've done nothing but eat and drink since 1999.

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sticky wicket said...

Nice find, Suds. That guy if f*cking incredible. I almost wonder if any of it is faked, like that Ronaldinho Nike ad where he hits the crossbar from the 18 three times in a row. Looks legit though.