Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who's Sperm Is Most Potent?

Britney Spears' rumored reunion with K-Fed is more than likely on hold now that sources are claiming that K-Fed's ex, Shar Jackson, is pregnant with her third child.

Personally, I find this to be hilarious! I'm beginning to wonder if K-Fed has tricked everyone...has he (and Shar Jackson) beat the system?? And, by this...I mean, was this all a part of K-Fed's master plan -- to run through Britney, take her money, and again start spewing out more mocha munchkins???

So, in one corner...we have Federline coming in strong with a total of 5 toddlers. Is it me, or has he reproduced all these muts in the last 2-3 years??? Either way, none of them stand a chance in this world. Let's face it, they are all doomed.

In the the corner...we have Elijah Dukes, whom is about to father his sixth thug (by 5 different mothers...some of age, some not).

And, let's not forget the legendary efforts of Shawn Kemp (7 kids..."that he knows of") and Larry "Grand Ma Ma" Johnson (the basketball player...5 kids by 4 different mothers).

At the end of the day, all of the aforementioned are heroes to Tom Brady...


Norman P. Orlando said...

i love this post simply for the line 'more mocha munchkins'

RhodyTrojan said...

you guys are like big media.. you jumped the gun.. Shar said she is not with Mocha.. but there is always the next trailor trash white boy who likes to think he can rap to find..

I will say that was a truly excellent use of not only alliteration... but very descriptive as well.. WELL DONE

Biggie Smalls said...

I'm glad my sperm must be sterile. Otherwise I could potentially have 50 babies with women that look like the bottom of my foot.