Monday, June 11, 2007

Most Desirable NBA Commodities (Part I)

Similar to how Bill Simmons puts together a yearly Top 50 list of what NBA stars currently have the highest trade value on the open market (including performance/age/salary/etc), I plan to run my own rankings by week's end (essentially, because I don't want to be accused of ripping off any of Simmons' assessments). Why? Because let's be serious...I challenge you to find me one human that knows the NBA and/or MLB better than your boy, Chieftain.

Before compiling such a list, I just wanted to let the readers know that my initial suspicions seemed to have been confirmed. What exactly am I talking about? Word out of NBA circles have alluded to the rumor that the Blazers have denied a straight-up swap of Garnett-for-the 2007 #1 pick.

Does anyone still not fully believe in Oden?? Does anyone still think that last month's draft lottery won't be as negatively influential (on the Celtics) as was the "Tim Duncan" draft of 1997??

So, yes...that's right -- the 2007 #1 overall pick (Greg Oden) is tentatively slotted as my 4th most valuable commodity/asset in professional basketball...only behind:

1. Lebron James, 22 (he's not the best...but, considering he's only 22, he DEFINITELY has the highest trade value)
2. Kobe Bryant, 28
3. Tim Duncan, 31

...Stay tuned, as the next 46 will be unvieled in the coming days.

Carry on...


Simply Suds said...

Suds says, the 2 most desirable NBA commodities are

1) a 14 foot hoop

2) The elimination of the 5 step lay-up or drive to the hoop. Call a fucking travel for Christ's sake.

Simply Suds, out.

Simply Suds said...

Oh and there is a zero chance than you know more about the NBA than Besegai. No chance.

Chieftain said...

The ONLY person that knows the in's and out's of basketball more so than Jerry West.