Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy International Webloggers Day!

You read that right, ladies and gents. Today is the unofficial holiday for bloggers around the globe to recognize and rejoice in the revolution in online communication that is blogging. If that and flag day weren't enough, I did a little digging...and holy crap is there a lot of stuff that happened on June 14th throughout the years.

For starters, back in 1648, good old Bean-town had its first execution of some crazy broad claiming she was a witch (good riddance, the world has too many crazy chicks, lets start picking 'em off). In 1775, the U.S. Army was established by the Continental Congress - and two years later, Stars and Stripes was adopted as the flag of the United States. Yah, I know, pretty interesting right....well it gets better. In 1789, the first whiskey was distilled from maize in Bourbon County, Kentucky (lets all take a moment of silence to pay homage). On June 14th, 1900, Hawaii became an official state. In 1934, James J. Braddock scored one of the most upsetting victories in of his boxing career by beating John "Corn" Griffin - roughly marking the advent of his comeback to success and eventually winning World Heavyweight championship.

But before you run out and go grab a couple of cold ones to celebrate this 'day of days', its not chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes. This day back in 1937 was a sad, sad day for the U.S. The House of Representatives passed the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. Although the act itself did not criminalize the possession or usage of cannabis, it was a key step and a foreshadowing (of sorts) of things to come.

Anyways, I lost my train of thought end on a positive note there are also some key birthdays today. With that in mind, I'd like to extend Win Column birthday wishes to Che Guevara, Don Trump and Yasmine Bleeth. And, to pay homage to two things that go hand-in-hand....Hawaii becoming a state and Yasmine Bleeth in a bikini (remember when she was hot??). Enjoy the pics!


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RhodyTrojan said...


At least click a couple of extra pages into the Google image archives..

much better than the ones you found, and let's only remember the good times, life is too short to remember the bad..