Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Louisville Chugger

"Cut the top off a whiffle ball bat, plug the small hole in the bottom, pour in the beer. Chug the beer, then spin around the bat for the amount of time it took you to chug said beer. Afterwards, try to hit the empty can and not fall."

As College Humor points out, LOUISVILLE CHUGGER is the latest drinking game/rage at your local college campus.

If you don't think 'Simply Suds' is going to bring this to the beach this summer, you obviously don't know what he is capable of (for the record, all indications are that Suds' just finished one hell of a weekend).


Norman P. Orlando said...

whether i chug a beer or not, my wiffle game is naaaaasty this season

Simply Suds said...

I did have a black out going on Friday, and a grey out going on Saturday. I'll shotgun a beer over drinking out of a wiffle ball bat any day.