Thursday, June 14, 2007

As The NBA Finals Wrap Up...

As the San Antonio Spurs are on the verge of capturing their 4th NBA championship (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007) in the last 9 years, much discussion surrounds whether or not they are a dynasty?

In short...NO!

And, this is coming from an individual that enjoys watching Tim Duncan & Co. methodically (and fundamentally) embarrass opponents and defensive sets. This is why I dislike the greater media -- this is an awful topic for debate. How can a team that has NEVER won back-to-back titles be considered a "dynasty"???? I fail to comprehend the logic.

If the Spurs win their 5th title (in 10 years) next season, then (and only then) I will allow you to approach me about the same subject. Why? Because then, the Spurs would have AT LEAST won consecutive championships. To be honest, a better argument an be made that Shaq & Kobe teamed up to comprise a much more dynamic "dynasty" than Tim Duncan & Co. No??? Shaq & Kobe went back-to-back-to-back, only to quickly destruct and go their separate ways. So, yes...the Spurs have endured more tenure, but the Lakers were nearly (or just) as efficient in many fewer years. Last I checked, it's nearly impossible to establish two dynasties (in the same sport) in a span of less than a decade.

Continuing on this point, it's like saying Nolan Ryan was a better pitcher than Sandy Koufax. Huh? Exactly, it's not even a comparison -- both great in their own right, but Koufax was the FAR superior pitcher. But, because Nolan Ryan played 27 seasons (compared to Koufax's 12 seasons), then it's quite obvious why Koufax's total stats pale in comparison.

Anyways, on a different and more appropriate note...Robert "Big Shot Bob" is about to win his 7th championship. With that said, is he a Hall of Famer?? At first thought, you may brush this question off. However, it actually requires much deeper thought. Think about it...KC Jones won 8 championships (he played a total of 9 seasons...all with Bill Russell, mind you) -- and, in turn, was inducted into Springfield in 1989. His numbers??

In 25.9 minutes/game (9-year career), KC Jones averaged 7.4 points, 4.3 assists, and 3.5 rebounds.

If you include KC Jones as a Hall of Famer, "Big Shot Bob" is an eventual lock...a no-brainer...a slam dunk! In 24.9 minutes/game (15-year career thus far), Horry has averaged 7.2 points, 2.2 assists, and 4.9 rebounds. Not to mention, Horry has always saved his best for the playoffs -- as he has knocked down dagger-after-dagger-after-dagger for his entire career. And, to take it a step my expert opinion, when Horry was teamed with Olajuwon (most specifically, in 1994 and 1995...when the Rockets went back-to-back in Jordan's "gambling" absence), Horry was DEFINITELY a top 5 overall player in the league. At that time, Horry was Olajuwon's Pippen. On the other hand, KC Jones was NEVER an elite player -- he was an afterthought on those legendary Celtics' teams (Jones never averaged more than 9 points in a single season).

At the end of the day, neither KC Jones nor Robert Horry are Hall of Fame worthy. However, the "pundits" incomprehensibly set the precedent with KC Jones. Thus, once such a standard has been set, the committee must remain consistent in their selection process.


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