Thursday, August 23, 2007

As Sad as it May Be, are Andy Reid's Sons Headed Down the Same Path as James Dungy?

Around 4 PM this afternoon, Plymouth Township Police received a tip call that Britt Reid, 22, was under the influence and about to drive away in his pickup truck from the Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot on Chemical Road in Plymouth Township.

When police arrived, Britt was getting into his truck and drove into a shopping cart. They quickly pulled him over and took him into custody. He was taken to Mercy Suburban Hospital in Norristown to be tested for illegal substances and/or alcohol in his system. Results of those tests are expected to be returned in several days.

Earlier this month, this particular Reid pleaded guilty to a weapons charge and three other criminal charges stemming from a road-rage know, the incident in which Britt flashed a hand gun at another driver that passed by him (resulting in the discovery of marijuana and cocaine).

Well, at least Andy Reid's elsest son, Garrett, has managed to stay out of trouble since pleading guilty to drug and traffic charges on July 26th.

...First off, how did I miss that one of their names is Britt?? Wasn't Britt Reid the exact name of the "The Green Hornet" character from a popular radio program that ran in the mid-1900's?

Something's wrong with this family - an NFL coach just doesn't name his son a girls name. Girls being named boys names are one thing, but not vice-versa. I mean, the NFL is defined by grit and toughness. One must assume that the reason why Britt is in the shape he's in these days is largely because he's been picked on his whole life. Dudes with the name "Britt" or Ashley Parker Angel, for example, don't stand a chance in today's society.

Call me crazy, but something tells me that Reid's sons aren't upholding their family's strict Mormon beliefs...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they are on the same path as our own Simply Suds. Only these kids have a super rich dad, and Suds has a dad that will punch his lights out.

You lose again Suds. Have a summer!

Anonymous said...

A boy named Sue like Johnny Cash sang!