Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Little Change Will Do You Good

I'm still scratching my head as to why the Red Sox didn't try and sell the farm to get Mark Teixeira. You trade a potential future stud and a couple decent current and future players to land one of the game's best first baseman....end of story.

Texas is obviously becoming a black hole for baseball players. It can't be fun to play there anymore. They suck, and you play in weather that burns your pubes as you run the base paths. I'd be all set, too. I bet if Michael Young were to switch jerseys....he'd start playing with that extra hop in his step he had 2 years ago. But enough about that, back to Teixeira.....what a beast. Over the past 2 games, he's belted 4 HR and 10 RBI. Guess what....that is 4 times the amount of home runs and 2 more RBI's than Kevin Youkilis has in the entire month of August. In fact, Teixeira's production over the past two games equals 1/3 of the amount of home runs and 1/6 the RBIs Youk has in 115 games. Yes, that's right. I'm talking about 2 games versus 115 fu*king games. That's ridiculous.

Say what you will about intangibles.....but, I am sick of Kevin Youkilis. He doesn't get hits when they matter, and he's nothing short of a mediocre baseball player. He's not the long term answer at 1st base....and with Mike Lowell playing his last season in a Red Sox uniform (some team is stupid enough to pay him next year), there is absolutely no excuse for letting a franchise player like Teixeira slip away. Texas would have accepted a fair deal, but Theo and company again dropped the ball. So tune into a Braves game on TBS on any given night and watch in disbelief, as to what could have been a World Series no-doubter lethal lineup.

Oh, by the way....it would be nice to have a guy that SWITCH HITS and can belt 40 HR's....no?

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Chieftain said...

Carolina Red Sox thinks Youkilis is just as good as Teixeira.

From what I hear, he also wears a pink hat.

Anonymous said...

agreed. youkilis is shitting the bed big time and hes just not the stud that everyone makes him out to be, in boston that is. good defense, plays hard, but has to be the least clutch hitter on the team, other than jd drew. the sox are up 5 games on the yanks, so in all actuality, its hard to complain about the season so far. but i have to say, ive never hated a red sox team more than this one. i am a die hard sox fan and of course i want a world series, but there are so many players on this team that i despise and i think are expendable. drew is fucking bum, id like to kill lugo in his sleep regardless of his recent streak of hitting "better", cocoa is not a favorite either. he plays great defense but throws like jonny damon and, again, never gets a clutch hit. he is the king of 2 out base hits and bunt hits. youk is going down the tubes fast. gagne is an asshole. and i know i am going to catch heat for this one, but manny just pisses me off more and more each game. he doesnt give a shit at all, plays terrible d and never runs hard. say what you want about youk, at least he plays hard every nite, regardless of whether he strikes out on a slider for the 945th time this year. i hated wily mo more than life itself, and ortiz, while stepping up recently, clearly needs surgery on his knee and has lost much of his pop. dice-k looks like a pussy on the mound, going 3-2 on every single batter that comes up then staring blankly at the ump when he throws a ball 10 inches off the outside corner and its called a ball. all in all, i love the sox but im tired of the way they are playing. we put alot of money into some of these big names and they arent doing dick. maybe these players just arent that good and the sox management needs to reevaluate their scouting capabilities. i cant live with jd drew and lugo anymore.

Simply Suds said...

If Youk plays good defense, then Teixeira plays the greatest defense of all time. It's not even close...he's 100 times better defensively....just to further your point.

You know that thing called a gold glove...well for the past 2 seasons...Marky's been collecting them like Youk has been collecting baseball cards.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch that day game on Friday against the Angels? You were willing to part with that stud and who the hell knows whom else?

Anonymous said...

I think you're way off about Lowell....he's sick

Simply Suds said...

How am I off about Lowell ? I never said he wasn't sick. I said he's a free agent and some teams are going to toss stupid money at him and he'll be long gone.

And yes, I am willing to part with Buchholz for Teixeira. Although I don't necessarily think he was necessary to get a deal done. Youkilis, Delcarmen, and Lester could have gotten it done.

Urs said...

The Rangers are pretty dumb as you have noted above. But why would they ever want to take on Youk, Delcarmen and Lester. The Saltalamachia, Andrus, and Harrison deal from the Braves was better (for future purposes) then that package. Notably because of the inclusion of Salty. He is a better prospect then Delcarmen or Lester and Youk, is just limited as you pointed out in your initial comments. It would have taken Buchholz to get that deal done.

Chieftain said...

As I've always maintained, Youk/Lester/Hansen (not Delcarmen) would have gotten it done.

Saltalamacchia is not nearly the prospect that he's been made out to be. He's a solid offensive option, but his defense is limited. As a 1B, Saltalamacchia is nothing great. His lone upside is by way of the limited options at catcher (as an offensive weapon).

I would have NEVER given up Buchholz for Teixeira...NEVER. You don't give up great pitching for great hitting. But, the Sox wouldn't have had to part way with Buchholz or Ellsbury, even if the Rangers wanted to substitute one of the other pieces (ie, Matherson and/or Bowden...and even Bard) are very desirable options.

Matt Harrison??? Come on! He's a number 4 at best...not to mention the fact that he's constantly injured with shoulder tendinitis. He doesn't strike anyone out, and this is at the AA level! In a best case scenario, Harrison becomes another Brandon McCarthy (who sucks).

However, whoever mentioned Friday's doubleheader vs. the Angels doesn't make a good argument, as Buchholz deserved nothing better than a B- for that performance. Buchholz is MUCH better than what he showed on Friday...and this coming directly from the "Evil Empire".

Carolina Red Sox said...

You're right again Chieftain... Only, I wear my pink Sox hat when I wear my pink thong. I like to "coordinate"... Thanks for the shoutout!

Chieftain said...

It goes w/o saying that John Schuerholz robbed Jon Daniels.

There isn't a single GM that's even in Schuerholz's league. He's the greatest mind in baseball. All other GM's shouldn't even field his calls...b/c in the end, they're going to be on the short end of the stick (similar to my fantasy prowess...just ask anyone that's ever been in a league with me).

If I were Cashman, I'd be pawning off Johnny Damon to Daniels right now, and I'd eat half his salary. Johnny Damon is an abortion to watch. He sucks! Melkly Cabrera is a 1,000 times the baseball player that Damon is.