Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Have A Thing For Vanessa Simmons

Yes, that Vanessa Simmons...Rev Run's daughter.

Maybe it's because she comes across as being well grounded? Maybe it's because she models for Ford Agency? Maybe it's because she ranked 82nd in "Maxim's Hot 100 of 2006"?

Whatever it is, all that matters is that she's caught my attention. Who's with me??

* Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea that Justine was the step-mother to Vanessa, Angela, and Jojo. Has their mother passed, or is she just simply no longer in the picture (I sweat this show because every episode provides a life lesson and a purpose - however, no reference has ever been made to the situation)?


Anonymous said...

Yo Chief, Rev's first wife(Valerie Vaughn) is still alive. There is an episode in the first season where Rev's daughters go visit their mother. She is re-married and has kids also.
R.I.P. Jam Master Jay!

Chieftain said...

Good looking out.

KRS ONe said...

I'd eat her ass clean, but that's just me.