Monday, August 13, 2007

Little Leaguers Hit the Sauce?

I couldn't help but turn my attention to some Little League Baseball as the Sox didn't play until 1:30 PM yesterday. The boys from Walpole, MA took a Northeast title home to represent the Bay State in the Little League World Series. I'll root like a son of a b*tch for these kids, although I think a few of them may be using performance enhancing substances. I watched two kids crush balls completely over the stands in back-to-back fashion. Effortless swings, and it looked like they teed off on the 8th hole of the local pitch-and-putt. Not to mention, it seems like little leaguers get taller and thicker every year. There used to be that one mutt that would be 6'2", 250 lbs. as a 12-year-old....but now it seems as if I'd be a dwarf on all of these teams. What the f*ck do they feed these kids?

Go Walpole!

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brandon boyd said...

i love you sudsy!!!