Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1:05 PM -- Erik Bedard vs. Phil Hughes

Well,'s good to know that Mr. Torre & Co. at least view this blog. After all, Edwar Ramirez was recalled from Scranton just a few hours ago!! In addition to Ramirez, Sean Henn was also called back both Jim Brower (sucks) and Jeff Karstens were optioned back down.

Which leaves me with this...what kind of dirt does Chris Britton have on the Yankees? Has he killed Torre's dog? I need an explanation. Plain and simple, Chris Britton belongs on the 25-man roster (he's a 24-year-old arm that has the potential to be a stud out of the bullpen...he's been great all year in Scranton, and was nearly unhittable in his 5 innings of work with the big league club earlier this year). Andy Phillips does not. Cut bait!

Anyway, what a matchup we have in store in less than 2 hours!!

ERIK BEDARD vs. PHIL The Stadium

Potential 2007 AL Cy Young vs. Future AL Cy Young

...No matter how you slice it, Bedard is one of the 4 best pitchers in the AL this year. Besides Haren, Beckett, and Santana, there isn't a single AL pitcher that one could make an argument for (well, maybe Kelvim Escobar - but, he's still a distant fifth in my eyes).

After all, Bedard is 12-4 (for a poor Orioles team) with a 3.11 ERA (5th in the AL, trailing only Haren/Escobar/Lackey/Santana...and has 199 K's (way more than any other pitcher in baseball).

Not to mention...since the All-Star break, Bedard is 5-0 with an incredible 2.23 ERA and 0.97 WHIP -- all while opponents hit an invisible .177 against him.

Similar to last week's Bedard - Matsuzaka matchup, I'm all sorts of revved up for this Wednesday afternoon special.

...As a side note, did you know that Bedard did not play baseball at a competitive level until he walked onto the Norwalk Community College team in Norwalk, Connecticut? As a senior in high school, Bedard was only 5'4" and 120 pounds. Before starting college, he grew 7 inches and gained 30 pounds. While in college, he added 10 MPH on his fastball and became a junior college All-American.


Norman P. Orlando said...

I predict Yanks fall 4-0.....MARK IT DUDE!

Chieftain said...

They may fall, but 2 straight shutouts??? That's a BOLD statement.

Anonymous said...

yanks lose 3-2. should be a good game though. im tempted to take hughes just cuz i dont think the yanks will lose this series but bedard is nasty. im going to stay away from this one.