Friday, August 17, 2007

Who's Wrong?

So, Barry is suing Curt for speaking his mind. Does this make sense to anybody? I call Orlando and Chieftain d-bags all the time, have either of them sued me? The answer is no, although they could. Do you know why they haven't sued me? It's because they aren't homos.

I've defended Barry from the get-go, only because I believe that he didn't deserve all of the sh*t he was getting. I always said, (and I stand by this) he broke a record that "is the greatest record in any sport", and if anybody can prove that he doesn't deserve it, please let me know. Now, he has proved himself to be a complete d-bag (not because he rallied against a Red Sox player, but because he singled out one player out of 1,000,000,000,000... that spoke his mind).

Anyhow, I know that Bonds is planning on playing one more the AL. At this point, who would take his, 75-year-old, finger pointing, sh*t bum act at this point? Any guesses?

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Anonymous said...

He is just now proving himself to be a D-bag? Come on... the guy has been a D-bag c@nt for a long time!