Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two for One

This is the first night in about 3 weeks where I have decided to take it easy. Since I still don't have cable yet, I am bored out of my mind so I thought I would try to make a contribution to this blog. As I'm sure Simply Suds and Anonymous will admit, Nashville is a pretty cool place. However, I must say that there is no place like home. However, the one thing about home that really chaps my a$$ is that they have no drink specials.

Maybe its because all us sick bastards from up North don't really give a rat's a$$ what the price is, and that we will still get loaded no matter what. I'm not asking to have drink specials on weekends or Sunday's, but what about the weekdays? I went to the bar last night (which was packed and there are no undergrads here yet), ordered about 10 beers, and my tab was $15! Are you dicking me? That same night, I paid the guy at 'Jack in the Box' another $20 because he wouldn't serve me...because I was walking through the drive-thru! So...it was cheaper for me to get loaded than to eat a god damn cheeseburger.

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SlowStuff said...

sounds like you need to stock up on some chicken thighs and mac commodore!!