Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where In The World Is Kelly Barons??????

That's right, that chick that was ridiculously fine and held down the Fenway Park third base line as a ball girl the past few seasons. The cameramen would do creepy close-ups of her smile, and every time she bent over in a way that only HD could express. But I don't see my girl at the Friendly Fens this season.....what the f*ck is up with that? Is this yet another blunder by the Red Sox front office? Did they really let the "hottest ball chick in the game" get away?

No's even worse.....thus explained by BOSTON.COM:

Kelly Barons Bruins All Access Co-Host

Nickname: Red Family: 2 Brothers – Mark and Jack, and Sister - Chrissy Hobbies: Running, Karaoke, and Water Sports Pets: Dog - Ginger Favorite Sport to watch: Baseball, Hockey, and Football Favorite sports to play: Softball Favorite Food: Chicken, Broccoli and Ziti (The only thing I know how to make!) Favorite TV Show: King of Queens and Family Guy Favorite Singer or Musical Group: Kenny Chesney Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy Favorite Sports Movie: Miracle Favorite Piece of clothing: My BU sweatshirt and my old Mighty Ducks T-Shirt If you could spend a day with anyone who would it be? Peter Gammons What was your most embarrassing moment on television? Getting hit in the face with a Ken Griffey Jr. foul ball… Favorite professional team growing up? The Boston Red Sox Favorite professional player growing up? Nomar Garciaparra

Kelly Barons is a co-host for Bruins All Access, NESN’s new and very different Bruins show. All Access, which airs Sunday nights at 9:30 PM, gives Bruins fans a behind-the-scenes, off-ice look at the Boston Bruins. A Lexington, Massachusetts native, Barons is a broadcast journalism major at Boston University. She is best known for her role as a Boston Red Sox ball attendant and for guest hosting ESPN’s Baseball Tonight.

We lost our beloved queen of the diamond.....for a friggin' Bruins show???? Nobody gives a damn about the Bruins.....nobody! This infuriates me. Baseball is either the best, or second best sport in the world (football)....and hockey is about as cool as AIDS. Some drastic measures need to be taken to get this girl back to thinking and talking about the Red Sox. Maybe a co-host show with "All the Way" Hazel Mae or Kathryn Tappen. But don't let this beautiful baby go to waste by talking about jock straps and elephant walks. That's just not right.


Ridin' Dirty said...

"If you could spend a day with anyone who would it be? Peter Gammons" What a B!TCH! I would have totally thought she would have said Simply Suds.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Although Suds would probably end up freaking her out when she saw all the duct tape and rope in his living room.

Chieftain said...


Kelly Baron has been co-hosting this gig since last year.

Simply Suds said...

I realice she's been hosting this gig for a year after i read her bio...but thats my point! She's been on a show, on a channel I watch over 15 hours a week, and I've never seen that minx once! Damn Bruins, they ruin everything. And a commercial with Barons and her hot chick co-host....and you'll get some pervs like us to tune in.

Simply Suds said...