Thursday, August 16, 2007

Baseball has marked the time

My post tonight comes from a hot and humid Watertown, MA. All day I have felt like there was something strange about the weather today.

It’s the kind of weather that brings back memories, memories so thick that you will have to brush them away. You know. Things like street hockey, woods parties, and pool hopping. Driving until you find it, listening to the Boss, and robbing liquor stores.

The kind of things that you should be proud of like running naked down the street, pissing on girls you hook up with, and getting arrested in a Wendy's drive through because you passed out after you ordered a Big Bacon Classic meal.

Oh ya and playing baseball because it makes all of those other things go away.

That’s what I was getting at. You have already or are going to watch a clip from Field of Dreams. I just finished watching this film from start to finish. That is one hell of a movie and I thought it deserved a clip.

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