Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Travis Henry Can Smoke Weed Again

Phew! That was a close one Travis but I’m glad you showed those nerds down at the NFL office whats what. Henry was informed back in September that he failed his second drug test in as many years and thus was suspended and forced to sit out the remainder of the season not to mention deal with a whole bunch of bullshit substance abuse treatment. But like any pothead would do he called shenanigans and denied everything claiming he was the victim of second hand smoke. I don’t know about you but I often hang out with a bunch of friends while they’re ripping tubes and don’t partake. Personally, I believed his story from the start and thought it was ludicrous the league gave him so much sh*t.

Anyways, Henry found a loophole in the rules saying that the NFL violated league policy by not ‘allowing an expert of Henry's choosing to be present for the testing’. In other words the NFL actually sent him to a doctor that was going to take HIS piss and not his buddies! Ridiculous. So he ended up being able to use his doctor and surprise, surprise everything came back clean.

So good for you Travis. I hope you get your Doc a great Xmas present. A nice glass bubbler perhaps? I hope you have a stellar rest of the year. Normally I think the Broncos are pretty buttcheeks but I’m for anybody that can beat an herb wrap.


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Cornstarr said...

Travis Henry has also discredited the myth that smoking weed lowers your sex drive and sperm count by having 9 kids with a bunch of skanks.

Kudos to you Travis Henry, for bucking the system.