Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Suds Gets a "Re-Do" This Friday Night in Beantown

Ok, ok, ok....I realize my performance last Saturday night served you all many moments of laughter at my expense....and I'm alright with that. You're all a bunch of miserable pricks anyway, so if I have to get piss drunk and make a fool out of myself to give you all an ounce of self-worth....that's the kind of guy I am. You're welcome.

Moving on....I'm calling a "re-do" this Friday....and I hope the Crombinator accepts the challenge. Since your self-proclaimed victory last Saturday (I'm not really sure what you brought to the table, since I brought the cape codders too)...this Friday night we will be celebrating Chieftain's farewell, as he leaves New England to follow his true blood to the back yard of the New York Yankees. I feel as if this move is driven by the fact that he wakes up every morning with the desire to sniff Derek Jeter's boxers. I'd go as far as to say that Chieftian may smell the urinals at Yankee Stadium upon his move....just to feel closer to his man crush.

Upon my arrival to the humble ebode of Norman P. Orlando and Nightmare arround 6pm, this Friday we will be meeting at the Sports Grille near the Gahhhhhhhdenn at 7:30pm to suck down drinks at an alarming rate, and watch the Big Ticket, the Truth, and Jesus Shuttlesworth. We then take the city by storm thereafter. This time I won't be drinking an entire bottle of Goldschlager by 7pm....and be warned now Crombinator.....I'm bringing my "A" game. What that means ? I have no fuckin clue. You could be sticking me under a table again by 10pm, or I could be tongue kissing every chick you try to talk to all night. In addition to showing Chieftain my support for his move....another main goal of mine is to even our score 1-1. It's a marathon, not a sprint buddy. 7 games is a lonnnnnnnnnng series.

Stay tuned....I hope to see all you mutts there.

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the dehydrated breath police said...

then please drink plenty of water beforehand and keep some gum in your goddamn mouth until you pass out. your hammer-breath is awful.