Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Remember When This Site Liked Hot Chicks ????

We need to get back to our roots gentlemen. We need to stick to what we do best. Objectifying hot chicks. I'm going to make this short and sweet. Nicole Marie Lenz is smokin' hot, and as exotic looking as the chick Norman and I sat next to at breakfast in Watertown last Sunday.
No I can't stop thinking about the girl that was in and out of my life in 23 minutes. I'm sure the sight of me eating breakfast after a black-out was not the greatest first impression. But God, if I could only show her what 11 seconds of all out love making was all about....she'd be hooked. Or call the District Attorney to file which case, I'll call my lawyer that commented on this site already.
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Norman P. Orlando said...

I can say in no uncertain terms that the above chick has NOTHING on the wonderful little minx at breakfast. We missed a golden opportunity Suds