Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Brian Billick Can Kiss My Ass

Hey Brian....here's a newsflash for you....you're a fu*king deuschebag. Rodney Harrison gets beat on an out route on your sidelines....and you blow a friggin kiss at him....a man ? And you didn't even just blow one kiss....you blew three. Wow, do you have a thing for football players or something ? You probably drop the soap quite often in front of Ray Lewis and Willis McGahee just to see if they'll recipricate your homosexual tendencies. Holy sh*t man....talk about being unprofessional and looking like a complete loser on national tv. I've always found you overrated as a coach....and I personally think you should have been fired a long time ago. But, now you've lost 6 in a row after a 4-2 start....and you've resorted to acting like a smug little prick toddler. So here's a giant "f*ck you" from all of us Pats fans. Shove our victory up your ass pal. You miserable c*nt.

Even better....Rodney Harrison's response to the incident, "I don't know why he's blowing kisses at me during the game. I'm a happily married man." Priceless stuff.


Norman P. Orlando said...

I saw him passing love notes to Asante during the pre-game. Personally I think he's a man-whore. Not that theres anything wrong with that

sticky wicket said...

Didn't he blow the kisses after the Pats picked off Boller? I think it was in response to Rodney asking him why his QB was throwing to the wrong team.

Either way, those were the grossest kisses in the history of mankind. They made me dry heave. True story.

Anonymous said...

yeah its kind of emabrrasing when someone goes on a rant with all that profanity without actually knowing what went down in the first place. the pats picked off bollers pass and then returned it about 20 yards. on the way off the field, harrison made a detour to billick and was blatantly taunting him (unprovoked as of yet).
i dont claim to be a fan of either team, but harrison was the one who should be on the receiving end of the childlike rants (kind of like yours, eh hem), and not billick.
get it straight bro.

Norman P. Orlando said...

are you claiming that a head football coach in the NFL blowing kisses is appropriate. I'm not sure about you but if I was playing on Billick's team I'd be disgraced. Get YOUR facts straight homey

Orlando's Secret Gay Lover said...

Whatever guys, Norman and I blow kisses at each other all the time under the covers... What's the big deal?