Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hot, Dumb Chicks Are The Best

Some of you may have heard the sound bite on this from EEI yesterday. The chick sounded so friggin retarded I knew she had to be an absolute smoke-show so I had to chech it out for myself. As you can imagine it came as absolutely NO surprise when I saw that Miss Teen USA South Carolina was a minx....I mean she is an absolute 10. Am I wrong? Call me crazy but the only thing hotter than a gorgeous blonde with a great body is a gorgeous blonde with a hot body that has an IQ slightly higher than a rock....seriously. Honestly, I would marry this chick in a second. I totally get her. Its like, ummmm totally about giving the children an education because...like....its just important! Ignorance is bliss!


**Thanks to Chris C for the help.



Carolina Red Sox said...

I live in South Carolina... Orlando, take a road trip down here and let's scope this minx out!

slick rick said...

Wow, one blog today ? Way to keep the website interesting for the rest of us fellas.

The Win Column officially sucks ass. Time to move on. Nothing on this site is remotely funny.

I'm out.

city of champions said...

The No Child Left Behind Act... hard at work in SC!

Anonymous said...

effin dumbass!

i actually saw this when it was on tv and told my husband-what an effin dumbass. he was like "what" i was like UMMM, hello are you listening to her.
he said, 'no, why would i listen to her?'
so youre right-you dont LISTEN to dumb hot girls, you just look at them.

carolina red sox said...

"City of Champions"... and the no child left behind act is hard at work in Brockton?

city of champions said...


steve spurrier said...

What this little slut needs is a little Gamecock! Cock a doodle do sweetie. Come to campus and get pounded by the boys.

Ridin' Dirty said...

It is really for the best that some chicks to always have my c0ck in their mouth so they don't sound stupid. Miss SC is one of them!

AC Slater was trying not to laugh the whole time.

Jimmy Vulmer said...

When your penis becomes hard, you're supposed to put it in a ladies vagina until it spits.

Where am I going to find a lady to stick my penis in? The talent show is this Friday!

Strom said...

Is Oil can still playing for the "city of champions"? Or is he back down south puttin' yayo up his nose and bitch slapping dirty ho's?

strom 4 prez said...

Only state keepin' it real still rockin' the confederate flag!

Dubya's Speech Writer said...

did steina write the transcript for that answer?