Thursday, August 30, 2007

Testosterone Thursday = CAT FIGHT

As we switch gears from cougars, I should note that this cat fight actually got my competitive juices flowing. For two chicks going at it, this ranks right at the top.

The girl in the black pants is gully! She did what she was supposed to (she let her opponent attack first, and capitalized on her miscues)...and executed her plan to a tee.

The punch that won it for her? The hit she landed 13 seconds in. The other girl never recovered.

Lastly, what's better...a party in the woods or a fight in the woods? Ahhhhh, high school...


RhodyTrojan said...

women's sports.. sweet tag..

was there a timer going on for this.. it appears that they all jump in to break it up at the one minute mark.. oh wait that was where some clothing was ripped..

I am sure they make their parents proud.. and I mean that in a non-sarcastic manner.. seriously

Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky said...

(shaved)Box before cox!

iron mike said...

chieftain, you NEVER let the other person throw first, you dummy.

Chieftain said...

I'll let you throw first, and follow it up by picking you apart.

Deebo said...

Yeah Chieftain,

Try that...and get knocked the fuck out like your old man used to punk!