Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The NFL Will Soon Have Competition...

Once again, the NFL is going to have to deal with a little friendly competition. The "UFL" will enter large market cities where the NFL is not currently located. Cities such as Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Las Vegas will soon have football franchises. The league is being started by Wall Street businessman Bill Hambrecht, and Tim Armstrong, a senior executive with Google. The league's first owner.....look no further than the loser himself, Mark Cuban, who hopes to purchase the league's Las Vegas franchise upon completion. The league hopes to kickoff preseason games in August 2008....14 months from today. The one advantage the league could have going for them is the fact that the NFL is prohibited from televising games on Friday nights due to an old 1961 Sports Brodcasting Act. So the UFL would have the popular Friday night television slot all to themselves, a very enticing spot to be in.

Ok, maybe this is a bad thing, but the first thing I thought of was the fact that now I'm going to be able to bet on twice as many football games in a given week. As if the fact that I punch myself on Monday night after the Broncos don't cover, now I'm going to have to risk life and limb over some jerkoff on the Las Vegas UFL team to cover a spread? Holy Christ. I'm doomed. I'm going to have to get a first, second, and third job to pay the bookie. Or maybe I just won't pay and I'll go on the run. Who knows. I can't imagine this league being any good, but I can imagine an A/R with the Patriots and the Salt Lake City UFL team. That's glorious.

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Anonymous said...

as long as willy beamon gets drafted, im cool with a new league...besides, it just gives us gambling addicts another league to lose boatloads of money to the bookie. hell, ill put 2 grand on steamin willy beamon any day of the week