Monday, May 28, 2007

Baddest Dude in the World

Well, I watched the fight, did you? I gave it 24 hours before I wrote about it, so if any of you sh*t bums have an issue, go to hell. Quentin "Rampage" Jackson is a beast.

A lot of people don't pay attention to MMA (mixed martial arts), but I have been a big fan since the hayday of Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock. In the beginning, there were NO RULES. I repeat, NO RULES. You could drop all of your weight on a guy's face. You could reign 1000 punches to your opponents' nuts without any repercussion.

Anyhow, the fight between Liddell and Jackson was supposed to be "The Iceman's" revenge. Chuck had lost three fights in his career, and avenged two of them. Rampage was his last opponent that gave him a whooping. This was supposed to be Chuck's biggest, and hardest I may add, rematch. That didn't work out as planned.

Holy Balls, this was not even a fight. Rampage is gonna be a champ for a long time. Anyone who thinks they can compete with this guy is straight nuts. This guy wears chains, a la the junkyard dog. That alone is enough to freak out his opponents. Let alone the fact that the guy has dynamite in both fists. He is a solid wrestler, yet we have had no need to see it yet, and nobody in the UFC (*except maybe Mirko Cro Cop or Randy Couture) can stand with him.

(*And both of them are heavyweights.)

Bottom line is Rampage is an animal that everyone should see. If you guys haven't seen him fight, look him up, you won't be dissapointed.

This was supposed to be one of the best fights in UFC history, it didn't turn out that way, but stay tuned for Tito Ortiz vs. Rashaad Evans. That may just be the best fight the UFC has ever scheduled.

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