Thursday, May 31, 2007

LBJ Just Popped His Cherry

Wade, Nowitzki, Nash, & KG...move over -- you have been FAAAAAR surpassed. Tonight, Lebron James cemented himself as the 3rd best player in the NBA. Lebron just poured in one of the greatest individual performances in NBA history, as the Cavs knocked off the Pistons 109-107 in double OT...IN DETROIT!!!

In the past, I have said that Barbosa was the quickest player in the league. I was wrong...I apologize (you won't hear that often). Lebron is the fastest, quickest, and strongest guard in the NBA. When Lebron chooses to take over a game, he cannot be if's, and's, or but's about it. He continuously split the half-court double team, to the tune of thunderous dunk-after-dunk-after-dunk (and when he throws it down, his head is prone to be his head is WELL above the rim). There has never been a more dominating 18 minutes in the history of basketball, at any level (including street ball)...not by Bird, not by Kobe, not by MJ. Not by anybody.

In 51 minutes, 18-for-33 from the field. 48 points. 9 rebounds. 7 assists. 2 turnovers.

He scored the final 25 points for the Cavs!! 29 of his team's last 30 points!!

I'm in awe. I'm amazed. I'm speechless. As Sir Charles would say, I just witnessed a raging inferno!!! If you missed this finish, shame on missed history!

THIS SERIES IS OVER. And, LBJ has done it with NO supporting cast (you hear that, Paul Pierce).

Thank you, Lebron -- you have finally proven to us all that you really do care. You are the "King". You will never be doubted again. You are a menace!

(If I'm a Pistons fan, I'm wondering why the hell no one leveled Lebron on one of his many drives...if for nothing else but to at least instill some lingering doubt in the back of James' mind as he drove to the hoop at will. Bad, bad coaching).


Simply Suds said...

basketball sucks.

Norman P. Orlando said...

Lebron's performance last night was completely out of this world. I had to stop folding my laudry because I was in awe. Lebron is MUCH better than Kobe was at that age....and thus will be a better player. He is by far the #1 talent in the league...and to reference an earlier post from you, he is by far the most marketable player in the league.

Anonymous said...

Lebron's performances the last two games, specifically last night, has single-handedly made me a fan of the NBA again after taking a leave of absense for quite some time. There is no more argument chieftain, Lebron is the most marketable player in the nba - besides, that issue norman brought up about rape is pretty significant.

Anonymous said...

great blog here....lebron is phenomenal. if u watched the whole game, it was like no one was even guarding him in the final quarter. the best part of lebron's game is that he very rarely forces anything. if he doesnt score a point in the first half, he doenst come out bombing up shots like some stars do to get in the stat column. hes a stud. no questions asked. now lets see if they can finish off the series cuz this happened to them last year and the pistons won the next two games. anyone that doenst like lebron is a goddam retard.

Chieftain said...

In terms of jersey sales, Kobe smoked the competition this past year. SMOOOOOKED. Lebron was #3, behind Wade as well.

Kobe sells out the Staples Center. Kobe sells out road games. Lebron doesn't.

These playoffs have obviously helped Lebron's marketing. But, until now...he was viewed as someone whose unlimited potential was still untapped. With defense being the exception, he's clearly the most talented player in the league...but, he has coasted thru the regular season for years now.

Anonymous said...

if lebron was on the lakers and kobe was on the cavs, Lebron would sell enough jerseys to cleanly wipe my butt after a gross poop

Anonymous said...

ive always been a big fan of rapists myself. hell, i bought kobe's jersey the day after i heard he raped that chick. cheers to kobe for successfully getting away with raping the shit out of a girl. in fact, i think it was a marketing tactic put forth by kobe's agent. he probably told him to go out and rape the christ out of some white chick, beat the charges, then he would be viewed as a hero and become the most marketable spook in the NBA. ya that makes sense.