Friday, October 19, 2007

This Sh*t Has Got To Stop.

If you ever wanted more evidence that corporate America is sticking its collective finger in the ass of our national pastime, you need only watch the ALCS on Fox. Condolences everyone, the white-haired, suit-wearing, country club constituency has taken over. Please be sure to wear pleated gap khakis and a polo shirt to every game.

I pity the American youth; kids who grow up idolizing our big league phenoms, but who can't even watch the games because they run until 1 in the morning. And why? So TV execs can make some more money. It's all about market share and advertising revenue. These dickheads could give a f*ck less if little leaguers can't watch their heroes, because they stand to make an extra buck by starting the game at 8pm, or 9pm, or 10pm. It's ridiculous.

What's wrong with starting the game at 6:30? You get out of work at 5, and unless you have the worst f*cking commute on earth, you can still make it home or to a bar by 6:30. Hell, you could even watch the game with your kid, what a novel f*cking idea!

Start times aside, look at the content those corporate assholes are cramming down our throat. Count how many ads for erectile dysfunction you have to watch during the course of a game. Seriously, count them. It's almost every ad break. And why are they putting these on? Target marketing. They know their audience: it's old rich men who can afford to blow money on pills so they can get hard. Sickening.

I can't imagine being a parent and having to explain to a kid why in the name of god's green earth someone might suffer from a 4 hour erection. These ads for Cialis and Levitra are simply disgusting: they feature these old f*cks sitting in swing-chairs on porches, stroking one another's cheek lovingly and staring into each other's eyes with a look that says, "when these pills kick in, I'm gonna f*ck you." Is that really an image I need during a baseball game? Old people f*cking?

And in case these gross, wrinkly, pill poppers are worried about having a heart attack while humping their brains out, they have Lipitor being pushed their way by some creepy alien named Dr. Robert Jarvik. This is what our national sport is pushing in between the 5th and 6th inning at 11 o'clock at night: lower your cholesterol, get a hard on, and diversify your portfolio. What in the sweet name of Jesus H. Christ does this have to do with baseball? Or ANY sports? For the love of all that is good and sacred, sell me some f*cking Gatorade!!

The message being sent is simple: F*ck the fans. We're more interested in selling product X and we've identified a market segment that is more important than your love for the game. Want proof that they don't give two sh*ts about real baseball fans? I give you Fox's coverage. To say it is horrible doesn't even come close. It is horrendous, appalling, deplorable, sickening, and an affront to all humanity. Anyone who knows anything about baseball can't even watch it because its so incredibly dumbed-down. Their correspondents are either offensively annoying or yawningly bland, their play-by-play makes me want to pull a f*cking double Van Gogh, and the pre-game show is so god awful that I'll have virtually any other channel on up until the first pitch. It's total bullsh*t.

So f*ck Fox, f*ck market segments, f*ck Tim McCarver, f*ck Cialus, f*ck these stuffed-shirt, overweight, pleated gap khaki-wearing, ED having, white bread, brainless, executive f*cks, and just give me back baseball. The sport. The game kids play and love and watch on TV... not this perverse money-making machine.


Anonymous said...

amen, nephew

eponymous said...

Wonderful rant Cornstarr. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Well reasoned yet so hilarious I laughed till I cried reading it.

Crazy Wrists said...

You know what's even more annoying...Dane Cook and whatever bullshit he is doing. I do agree that these commercials suck with the exception of the one with the love scene in the end where the two old people are in baths looking out into the sunset. That brought tears to my eyes.

Cornstarr said...

Thanks for the love guys. Watch for new developments as I aim to take down Flomax for making me think about old dude's prostates during the game. Bastards...

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