Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes

Okay ladies, listen up. In preparation for Halloween, I am giving you my list of the Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes. Please, PLEASE, wear one. Any one.


Sexy Teacher
If you think Van Halen was lying, think again.


Sexy Cowgirl
Who wouldn't want to saddle up and ride... this chick?


Sexy Devil
God I love evil women. If there is anything that can make Satanism sexier, its a great pair of legs.


Sexy School Girl
The all time, heavy weight champion of sexy costumes. Even moderately attractive chicks look super hot in this get up. And look Norman, she's smoking a butt! CUPID, DRAW BACK YOUR BOW!!


Dirty Librarian
I'd take her to the quiet section and make her teach me the dewey decimal system.


Sexy Whore
Sounds a bit redundant, but whatever...


Sexy Alice in Wonderland
Actually, this makes me feel pretty dirty... and is therefore my favorite.


Sexy Detective
I'd really like to do an in depth investigation of her crime scene.


French Maid
This is one of the ONLY times something French is awesome.


Go ahead, make all the poking jokes you want.

Runners Up:

Sexy Ghostbuster
Who you gonna call?

Hot Ref
She can make all the bad calls she likes, I ain't saying sh*t.

Sexy Cop
Man, Sir Psycho Sexy was right.

Sexy Football Fan
I'd root with her all day long. NOTE: In Australia, "rooting" also means f*cking. ALSO NOTE: She's wearing kneepads!!


Norman P. Orlando said...

Ahem.....two points

1. in response to this statement: "God I love evil women. If there is anything that can make Satanism sexier, its a great pair of legs." I'll have to respectfully disagree and say an available cooter is sexier than a great pair of legs. A close second but nevertheless second.

2. I appreciate the shout-out on the trashy school girl smoking a butt. Its common knowledge the smell of Jack Daniels and Marlboro Reds on a girl's breath just does it for me. Throw in smeared lipstick around her mouth and I'll get down on one knee...seriously. But in this case I'm going to have to throw my vote in for #6.

Although #4 adn #6 could potentially be related. My hope is that the sexy school girl drops out of school, loses whatever money she has and in order to make ends meet whores herself out and over time becomes #6. Natural progression right?

This could potentially be an organic costume that changes over the course of the night. Now THAT chick would be ambitious

Wimpy Miles said...
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chelsea clinton sparxx said...

This post and Norm's comment just made me laugh out loud in the middle of class twice (with a muffled third guy held under my breath). Awesome!

Trent said...

Im a big fan of this costumIm a big fan of this costume. Mostly because of the back.e. Mostly because of the back.

Trent said...

Im a big fan of this costume. Mostly because of the back.

Anonymous said...