Friday, October 19, 2007

Term of the Week

Granny Dumping

A big shout out to Chuck Palahnuik on this one. If you haven't read Choke yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Whatever sick sh*t is going on in your mind, it won't even compare to what Chuck is dealing with upstairs.

Granny Dumping is a concept that Chuck turned me onto. There are people who get sick of dealing with their relatives when they are old, senile, crazy, stinking of death, and can't even remember who the f*ck they are anymore.

So what do they do? They take them for a ride. They bundle up Grandma, put her in the car, drive her out to the middle of f*ck ass nowhere, and then leave her there with no identification and no way to get home. Hell, she doesn't know who she is, let alone where she lives.

Eventually she'll get picked up and turned into the authorities, and then put in a care home. Or wander for days and die. Either way, she's no longer an anchor on anyone's life.

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