Friday, October 19, 2007

Kenny Lofton Must Smoke Crack.

It’s the only possible explanation for his shenanigans last night. Lets see Beckett is 6-5 222 lbs. and Lofton is 5-11 and 180 lbs. soaking wet. Not to mention Kenny is old enough to be Beckett's grandfather. So the fact that Lofton would charge Beckett like he was going to throw his little fists of fury around means he’s either delusional or hitting the pipe. Not only that but what’s been up with Lofton's jerk-off behavior the entire series? In particular during the Dice-K start when he took about five minutes to get into the batter’s box every at bat. Or when he came out for a curtain call in game 3 when he hit the home run in like the third inning or some shit. Relax your body Kenny. It was in the early innings of a game three…still a lot of baseball to be played.

Usually you acquire veterans on your team to bring leadership and experience to a club you expect to go deep into the post-season. Typically, they keep their mouth shut, let their play do the talking and lead by example. Pretty much exemplify the “act like you been there” mentality. In other words NOT pull some hot-headed douchebag crap like Lofton did. Either way the Indians are f*cked. Friendly Fenway is going to be a shit storm this weekend. So here’s to the Sox in 7!



Anonymous said...

Why did Beckett back down from Lofton?

Ray Zalinski said...

Maybe because Kenny Lofton is meaningless and Josh Beckett is a fuckin stud. Both get kicked out and the sox lose on that deal. If they fought after the game, Lofton would be found in a shallow grave at Tommy Callahan's auto parts factory in Sandusky, Ohio.

tyrone biggums said...

There's something you don't know about me, Joe Rogan... I smoke rocks!