Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thank You, Come Again

Per CNN.COM....

Over the weekend, 7-Eleven Inc. turned a dozen stores into "Kwik-E-Marts," the popular convenience store in the Simpsons. It's all a campaign to promote the upcoming Simpson's Movie that is set to open on July 27th. 7-Eleven is bearing all the costs in the campaign, which they see as a brilliant marketing attempt, and an ability to poke fun at themselves at the same time. Not only do they decorate the stores as "Kwik-E-Marts," but the stores will also sell popular Simpson's items such as: Buzz Cola, KrustyO's cereal, and "Squishees," the slushy drink impostor of Slurpees.

Just when you thought there would be an outrage from Arabs and Arab-American convenience store owners....think again. Take it from Kumar (get Harold and go to White Castle) Assandas, a 28 year-old Seven-Eleven franchise owner in Las Vegas:

"I know it's a stereotype, but it doesn't bother me. Everybody knows it's a joke," Assandas said. "I'm a big 'Simpsons' fan myself, and maybe subconsciously it even inspired me to become a 7-Eleven owner."

Wow, leave it to the Simpson's to poke fun at an entire nationality in a marketing campaign for themselves, and barely stir a lick of controversy. This amazes me. I think this will confirm that the show is one of the most influential and well liked comedies of all-time. Imagine if the Sopranos turned convenience stores into Bada Bing's all over the country. I know the thought of going to the local convenience store and seeing a nice, healthy pair of breasts is something I wake up each day hoping to achieve. Go big, or go home.

Thank you, come again.


Anonymous said...

i think the simpsons, although innovative, is the most overrated sitcom of all time. ive watched numerous numerous episodes and have yet to find the humor in any of it. f
*ck bart.

Anonymous said...

The Simpsons is one of the best ever, yet over the last few seasons, it has been hit or miss. Between around 1997-2002, the show was at its peak, and those episodes are still funny, even though i've seen them 50 times in reruns!

Lena said...

I understand that you see this all as good-natured fun, but I do have a problem with the character of Apu and there is a controversy.

Check out the numerous South Asian blogs out there to understand why this might be a problem.

I suggest sepiamutiny.com and ultrabrown.com

And, just so you know, there is a difference between Indians and Arabs.

Anonymous said...

How could "Kumar Assandas" be an Arab?!

I'm Indian, and I'm offended by the racist caricature Apu, as are many Indians.