Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Help Is On the Way....

Get Your #20 jerseys.....fresh off the meter.

Public Enemy said it best when they said....

It might feel good
Sound a lil somethin
Damn the game
If it dont mean nuttin
What is game
Who got game

Wheres the game
In life
Behind the game
Behind the game
I got game
She got game
We got game
They got game
He got game
That millenium
Just be killin em

-Public Enemy, "He Got Game"


Anonymous said...

great film... even though Ray Allen can't act (must have been real tough for him to play a highly recruited b-ball player), Denzel is the man in this one!

And after watching Jesus bang his chick in the Zipper, every trip to the carnival has been a little bit more voyeuristic for me.

Sticky Wicket said...

Holy sh*t, the Celtics got Denzel Washington?!?!

Honestly, I think Denzel could do a better job of running the team than Doc Rivers, who can't coach his way out of a f*cking paper bag.