Monday, July 2, 2007

Celebrate Your Independence With Hot Chicks, Beer, and Grilled Meats

There is nothing that gets me fired up like the 3rd and 4th of July in America's Hometown. The 3rd of July is pretty much a $hit show from sun up to sun down...that usually starts at a beach, and ends when I wake up somewhere random early on the 4th, not remembering where I am or how I got there. Why would this year be any different? I don't really see it being any different. Especially, since I plan on celebrating the 3rd of July early, as in, tonight the 2nd. Why not? It's nice out, the bar has plenty of clam and ice cold Bud Light.....not to mention I hear that The Commodore and Nightmare are in town. Things have the potential to get really weird later. Nightmare has already informed me that he left his ID in Boston, so now we have to beg for his miserable, stinky self to be let into some sort of establishment. Way to go Nightmare, you jerkoff. We're about to go on a 3 day drinking bender, and you forget your license like a pervert going to a rub-and-tug.

I hope everyone celebrates their Independence in style over the next few days. And by that, I mean that I hope you hold a Roman candle too long and you burn yourself so you have a miserable 4th of July. May God bless the troops, hot chicks, beer, grilled meat, and anything else that gets your rocks off.

Enjoy the holiday.

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Anonymous said...

I am shocked and bewildered that there has been no mention of the Nathan's hot-dog eating contest. No update on Koby's jaw injury - no assessment nor prediction of the competition from chieftain. Let's hear something about this event - it only happens once a year - maybe a comparison of eaten dogs by koby vs. beers drank by Suds.