Friday, November 2, 2007

Term of the Week


...or Lesbian Until Graduation.

This is a term that was dropped on me by a Vassar chick I play hoops with. Apparently during college many of her female peers felt it was easier to hook up with girls (Vassar being predominantly women) than pursue the few men on campus. I'm pretty sure that most of the hotties in the Girls Kissing video posted below are LUG's, and that Vassar was a panoply of incredibly attractive babes with soft, great smelling skin constantly making out with each other.

However, with graduation, and the looming resubmersion into an environment filled with c*ck, these fine ladies changed their tune upon getting a diploma handed to them and decided that they actually weren't lesbians at all. I'm not making this sh*t up, this was brought to my attention by someone who experienced it first hand, and then verified by another chick I know who went to Mount Holyoke... which is all women. It is an observed, noted, and absolutely real social phenomenon.

So here's to you, LUG's! TheWinColumn salutes you! We whole-heartedly support your crusade to make it socially acceptable for two (or three or four) chicks to make out, and then decide they want the d*ck afterall. Hopefully, with hard work and perseverance, we can get the turn around time down from 4 years to 4 hours, and transition you ladies from LUG's to LULC's (Lesbians Until Last Call).

Hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big.

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