Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is Barry Cooper A Douche Bag Or Is He Trying To Help You Get High?

I realize this story won't interest everybody (Wimpy), but for those of you who it DOES interest you may find this invaluable. NPR reported a story today that highlighted former Texas narcotics officer Barry Cooper. Cooper was basically the top narcotics officer in west Texas logging in an impressive/depressing 800 drug arrests in 8 years only now to be switching sides releasing an instructional DVD sharing his secrets to help people not get busted.

To give you a little context - after Cooper was so successful in west Texas he was promoted to a more troublesome area of east Texas where it was believed that the drug use was spiraling out of control. But, after a few months on the job, he found himself at the sh*tend of the stick when it came to small town politics. First, Cooper arrested the mayor's son for possession of methamphetamines. He then arrested a city councilman for driving with a bag of pot and a gun which inevitably gained him some very high-ranking enemies. After a few months Cooper started to get some blow back when he was arrested for theft after returning rental movies late and for unlawfully carrying a gun. These charges led to the city trying to take away his kids.

Disenchanted with law enforcement he decided to give them a big d*ckslap in the face and make some money doing it and released this video divulging his secrets.

Listen, I'm not sure what to make of all this. To be honest I'm a bit dubious. Plus I’m not 100% convinced by his motivations either. I've watched some of the clips on youtube and they haven't impressed me. My hope is that this guy isn't releasing any of the good information because he wants people to buy the DVD. I do know this; the guy obviously has a ton of experience and knows a ton about busting spaced-out stoners....right? So maybe its worth the $24.95 to find out.

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Bob Loblaw said...

haha good blog.. i like how he says "press that order button and when the dvd arrives at your house sit back with a bag of popcorn and your favorite cold drink".. he forgot the most important thing about his target market - grab that dime bag and twist a dutch, then go on and get your popcorn and sodas