Monday, October 29, 2007

A-Rod Makes it to the World Series!

If you think that Scott Boras didn't time the announcement that A-Rod will be opting out of his contract with the Yankees to coincide with the Red Sox World Series victory, you should check yourself into a mental ward, because you're clearly dillusional.

For those of you who missed it, Boras announced, just prior to the game last night, that A-Rod was going to test the waters to see if any other teams are foolish enough to mortgage their franchise to get him (they phrased it differently, of course, but the principal remains the same). A-Rod had until 10 days after the World Series to make this announcement, so why do it during the last game? Because he's A-Rod, the most self-serving, me-athlete on the planet. If you can think of one that's bigger, please let me know.

So instead of talking about how great the Red Sox were, or how the Rockies amazing streak came to an end when they ran into to the buzzsaw of Red Sox Nation, or how incredible it is that 2 rookies batting 1 and 2 would put up 7 runs, or how Mike Lowell went from trade afterthought to World Series MVP, we were forced to hear about A-Rod.

Poor Peter Gammons was disgusted. When asked about where A-Rod might go, he began to answer the question, then it dawned on him that the Red Sox were behind him celebrating their second World Series win in 4 years, and he was talking about A-Rod, and he put everything in perspective by ripping A-Rod on national television. This is one of many reasons for which I love Peter Gammons.

So it's official: Everyone hates A-Rod. Everyone in the league hates him because he's a prick, and the Yankees fans that rooted for him now hate him because he's leaving the team to try to get more money... so that begs the questions - Does anyone like A-Rod? Anyone?! I can't think of a red-blooded American who would stand up and say, "I'm a huge Alex Rodriguez fan." Hell, just writing it made me throw up in my mouth.


Wimpy Miles said...

anyone think the sox make a push for him? it's tough, as a baseball decision (strictly speaking numbers here), you kind of have to, assuming you can work the salary to a reasonable level. but i don't want him sitting in that dugout, i'll tell you that. what an awful fit. i hope he goes to San Fran... a team we're all comfortable hating due to the last king jerk-off to roam their field.

Ridin' Dirty said...

No! They do NOT need him. They have won 2 World Series during his time with the Yankees. I heard a stat and I am too lazy to confirm but they were saying that Pedroia has more post season RBIs than Arod has in his career. HA! Why is he worth the money, no one can tell me. The Red Sox are sold out all the time, their gear is always sold, and their advertising is pretty strong as is. What what he had to the Sox?

HOWEVER, however the Patriots did sign Moss.....

sticky wicket said...

I see where you're going with the Moss/A-Rod comparison, but Moss was a malcontent on a terrible team, but when he's focused his team mates have nothing but great things to say about him.

This is different from A-Rod, who is the highest paid player in the history of his respective sport, and plays on a great team. His team mates never have anything great to say about him, other than "he puts up great numbers", or "he's a professional". You'll never hear "he's a great guy".

Even when mediocre, unrecognized players leave an organization, his team usually says things like, "he was a great guy to have around, we'll miss him." A-Rod has moved on from 2 teams now, and dispite his collosal talent, nobody he's played with has said anything about missing him. To me, this is a big indicator that even his former team mates think he's a total cocksucker.

Bob Loblaw said...

no way varitek allows bosox management to sign a-rod... and to be honest i wouldnt think a-rod is interested in playing in boston.. he'll go to a west coast team 100%, either anaheim or the dodgers..