Saturday, November 3, 2007

Manny to Jay Leno: "Are You Related to Kevin Youkilis? You Guys Have the Same Chin." CLASSIC.

Who knew I'd be back so soon? I just couldn't resist posting Manny Ramirez's appearance on Jay Leno. Hell, who knew Manny and Leno were "car" acquaintances??

Indoor sunglasses. Diaper on the back of his head. Hugs all around. Car talk. Pounds with the "40 year old virgin". Helmet talk. Finger pointing. Manny being Manny!

Lastly, there is a 0% chance that Manny's father owned a '56 Chrysler Imperial. No chance. In this part of the interview, Leno threw Manny a curveball -- and Manny bit for it in a big way...hook, line, and sinker! This chain of events cemented the fact that Manny was going to eventually break out his Youkilis line (which we all know he had been contemplating for days now).

All in all, just an incredible 7 minutes of television...


Norman P. Orlando said...

this video is classic....CLASSIC!!!!

1. i agree 100% with Chief that there is NO way Manny's dad had an imperial.
2. Who knew Manny knew there were other sports going on in Beantown. I'm just curious to know if Manny really knows what BC stands for.
3. I love the fact that Manny cracks himself up with that joke about Leno's chin AND THEN gives Carell a fist pump.

Manny is the coolest guy on the planet

Cornstarr said...

That's the most I've ever heard Manny speak, and it made me an even bigger fan of his. I want a Manny Ramirez inspirational video telling me its not the end of the world!!

True to corporate form, Universal has yanked this clip. Here's another URL you can watch it at: