Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Stand Corrected...

I posted below that I couldn't possibly think of a more "me-centered" athlete than A-Rod. I was wrong. For some reason, god knows why, Kobe Bryant didn't come to mind.

However, if you saw him bitching and whining his way through the Lakers' opening night, you got a good reminder. Like Yankees fans souring on A-Rod, Lakers fans are turning on Kobe. Any why not? He's been jerking LA fans around like a girl who loves you, but you're not all that into, so you hook up with her and don't call her, but then you get drunk one night and text her so you can get some ass, and then go right back to not calling her, or maybe IM with her just to lead her on.

Anyway, Kobe gave a sulky press conference after the game because he didn't get a call at the buzzer. I'm sure the fact that his team lost last night had nothing to do with the fact that its a shell of its former self because he destroyed the chemistry that won them 3 championships, or because his egomaniacal demands continue to alienate him from his coach and team.

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Anonymous said...

wow if Chieftain was still around he'd have a conniption because of this post