Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk

Listen up fuckers. I apologize for going into hiding for a while....but I just want you all to know that I'm back, and better than ever. I plan on "pushing the envelope" on all aspects of this blog. I'll talk about shit, piss, fucking, whatever else you sick pricks wanna hear. I promise to uphold the standards of this blog, and join the revolution that brings us back to the promise land.

I'm Simply Suds, and I approved this message.

As for tonight....I plan on puking and pissing in Watertown at Nightmare and Norman's pad. Hell, I may even piss Nightmare's bed to spite him for the time he pissed mine and I socked him in the eye. I'd like to warn the Harp establishment right now....there is a Hurricane forming in Plymouth that is making its way up the coast around 7pm EST.....I plan on doing enough things to get kicked out of your bar within the first 5 minutes of me being there. Know that, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simply Suds said...

I forgot to tell you all I cracked my first beer at 1:50pm, and I'm now on # 6.

Norman P. Orlando said...

holy shitballs. I'm speechless......just kidding that never happens. BUT words cannot explain how friggin pumped I am to have Suds back in the mix....its been too long but I always knew you'd be back. The quality of this site just shot through the roof. I for one hope to take the second piss on nightmare's bed tonight...hopefully while he's shagging his south african sex puppet.

This is better than Jordan making his comeback to the Bulls, Tupac coming back from the dead the second and fourth time, Jay-Z AND Rocky coming out of retirement.