Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 15, 2007: RIP...'The Yankee Way'

Believe it folks. As if A-Rod couldn't become any more of a narcissist he will be forever known as the man that killed the 'Yankee way'. Believe it Chief. I'm sorry to break the news to you but its true. Since the goddam inception of time the 'Yankee Way' has been all about hard work, perseverance and most of all winning no matter what it takes. I hear 'Yankee Way' I think of Joe D, Mickey Mantle, Derek other words perennial winners. Guess what A-Rod is? You guessed it.....a friggin Munson! Not only that but the Yankees specifically said that if he opted out of his current contract and went to free agency they wouldn't negotiate with him thus ending his tenure as a Yankee. So they went back on their word. So what? Lots of people do. But in the past this certainly wouldn't have been how their current regime would have gone about business. What changed you ask. The fact that YOUR Boston Red Sox have won the World Series twice in the past 4 years....thats what! The Yankees can't take it, so they are tweeking out worse than an OCD person after a blunt.

So from a business standpoint lets think about this. Why would the Yankees re-sign A-Rod? The dude is 0-for his lifetime in the postseason. He has never.... N-E-V-E-R ....proven himself there (this year included) and the Yankees are all about winning right? Wrong! They don't give a crap anymore. All they saw is the possibility of having A-Rod on the team for beating Bond's HR record. This coming from a team that hardly needs any more PR. They are probably the most recognizable (or at least top 5) sports teams in the world. But in the end thats what they opted for. The publicity, the hoopla, the notoriety....all for the sake of not winning. And believe me they won't win. That move combined with the atrocity they gave Posada gives their hopes of doing anything for the foreseeable future about as much chance as OJ being found innocent.

Don't get me wrong I'm pumped as hell. Not that the Sox needed any help but the Yanks gift wrapped the next 4-5 years of AL East championships for them. To quote Buzz from 'Home Alone''re such a disease! You'll never win the big one and continue to fail in the postseason. I predict they finish behind TB this year. If I was a Yankee fan I'd be mad as hell that A-Rod (that rat fink that he is) stole the Yankee mystique.



Cornstarr said...

It's going to be interesting to see how Chieftain deals with A-Rod coming back. In his most recent post regarding the Yankees he stated that A-Rod was dead to him...

So, does he welcome him back with open arms, or does he fervently hate a player on his favorite team?

You can almost feel the conflict within him.

hey scottie said...

he'll open his arms to him. there's no conflict for long as A-Rod is a Yankee, cheiftan's life is complete.