Thursday, September 20, 2007

Swedish Women Fight for Right To Bare Breasts

I love Swedish women. I absolutely LOVE them. Tall, blonde, gorgeous... I might even go as far as to say that if I could only hook up with one nationality for the rest of my life, I'd exclusively hook up with Swedish chicks.

That's why this news piece caught my eye. And by caught my eye, I mean gave me an embarrassing semi at work. The details of this story are too good to be true! Kristen Karlsson and Ragnhild Karlsson, who are 21 and 22 respectively (and oddly NOT related) are college students in Sweden. Recently they were banned from bathing topless at their local pool. THIS IS A TRAVESTY!!!!

...sorry, I get worked up about human rights issues.

Continuing: these two Swedish hotties are now petitioning for their right to show their beautiful Scandinavian ta-tas, stating that it imposing on their rights as women to bar them from going topless.

You can't fight this kind of logic:

"On Wednesday, the two women sent a letter to the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman explaining that they saw no reason for men an women to be treated differently. If anything, a bikini top could be accused of drawing unnecessary attention to a woman's breasts."

Have you ever oogled a pair of bikini-clad boobies, sir? I rest my case.

Clearly this is a movement we can all get involved in, and I think that TheWinColumn can solidly put its full support behind these two young, verile, and undoubtedly hot pioneers of the Swedish feminist movement.

To recap, hot twenty year-old Swedish coeds try to go topless and are thwarted by an authoritarian lifeguarding regime. You can't make up sh*t this good!

For the full story, go here:


Norman P. Orlando said...

agreed Cornstarr, this has been bumped to the TOP of the Win Column's community service priority list. We support this cause whole-heartedly

chelsea clinton sparxx said...

great work, Norman... a gem of a post!

Norman P. Orlando said...

100% of the credit has to go to Cornstarr

Uncle Tony said...

Is the Win Column getting it's act together?... I was concerned, but it seems there has been a rebirth. Keep it up kids.

Norman P. Orlando said...

consider the Win Column reborn. Live and direct we're coming reader supported

George Takei said...

Young Wet Bitches!