Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oops They Did It Again !

OK Magazine has confirmed that 16-year old Jamie Lynn Spears is preggers.....yes, we have to endure 9 months of more Spears baby talk, and this time it's not even her cum guzzling, pig sister snagging all the headlines! Some turd named Casey Aldridge managed to slip some spermies past the Dominek Hasek ovary kick saves. What a lucky fuckin' prick. Dropping a load in one of these sisters is like hitting all your numbers in Powerball. Lynne Spears, up for the award of worst mother of the millennium, has this to say about her little angel...

"I didn't believe it because Jamie Lynn's always been so conscientious. She's never late for her curfew. I was in shock. I mean, this is my 16-year-old baby."

Holy shit lady. Are you fucking serious? I wish I had a mother like you in high school. Your daughters are running around getting pounded, shitting out babies, and pounding Pablo Escobar amounts of cocaine and God knows what else....and that's the line you throw at us? Are you a friggin retard? Your oldest daughter can't get out of her car without showing us her punching bag snapper....and this is how you repay us?

At least the 16-year old sexually active Spears had the stones to protect her Nickelodeon fans....

"I definitely don't think it's something you should do; it's better to wait," she says. "But I can't be judgmental because it's a position I put myself in."

It's better to wait ? Says who? I definitely don't think it's better to wait....I think everyone should have the opportunity to smash as early and often as they'd like. Who are you to tell us differently? How about using a rubber.....ever think of that ? Nah, you probably didn't. After all....procreation is pretty much the main hobby in Louisiana anyway. I hope your entire family drowns in the Bayou.

***quotes from msn.com


Norman P. Orlando said...

"her punching bag snapper"....nuff said

k-fed said...

I hit that shit doggy style and left about 2 gallons of splooge inside her before tipping her upside down for 3 hours.

Hooray Responsibility!

Cornstarr said...

Damn you Suds!! I was just about to post about this. CNN confirmed that Sister Spears is preggers... not that CNN is a more reputable source than OK Magazine. At least not these days.

Great post, by the way.

I now have a new mission in life though: a Jaime Lynn Spears/Miley Cyrus threesome.

billy ray cyrus said...

Aw, come on Cornstar... that was MY idea.

Anonymous said...

Girls like her end up pregnant, because of assholes like you. We all know who you got preggers! Hahahahaha