Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hippies Don't Know Their Ass From Their Elbow

I drive a gas guzzling SUV....and yes it costs me about $55 to fill that pig more often than not....but to be honest with you, I don't really give a shit. I could care less that my American made beast might omit more crap into the atmosphere....booo hoooo....the green effect...wahhhhhhhhh. What are you hippies going to do ? Tell Al Gore on me ? The proof is in the pudding. I just flew home at 45 MPH on side roads in 4 wheel drive during the middle of a blizzard. I saw at least a couple Ford Focuses and at least 2 HYBRIDS parked sideways off the road after not being able to hang with the big boys. How's your environmentally correct car now you pieces of shit ! I don't give a rat's ass if I'm preventing my grandchildren's grandchildren from breathing in healthy air....the only thing that matters is that I got home quickly and safely.

You lose again hippies....when will you ever learn ? Sick hybrid.....losers.

***and no I don't drive a Hummer....but just wanted to emphasize my point here.


eponymous said...

$100 says you wrap your prick mobile around a tree while driving like a jackass in a blizzard well before my front wheel driving, non-gas guzzling ass does.

I'd rather be a hippy than a moron.

smarmy brit said...

This post would be hilariously offensive if it wasn't actually the attitude of several million brainless f*cks in this country.

Simply Suds said...

You both sound like assholes. Wrap my suv around a tree before your front wheel drive tuna can gets stuck in a 2 inch snow drift ? Eat dicks pal. You must know poetry better than you do cars.

As for the brit....nobody gives a damn about your cheeky opinion. I'd like to throw you into the Boston Harbor like we threw your tariff laden tea.

Norman P. Orlando said...

keep it global suds

Wimpy Miles said...

I'm driving a hybrid right now (it's a rental), and while I was very impressed with it at first, I couldn't get out of my driveway today because there was a whole INCH of snow under my tires. Apparently the engine turns off or something when you put the pedal to the floor, and consequently my tires wouldn't even spin... which is kind of a necessity when trying to move a car. So my vote's for Sudsy's 4-wheel gas-guzzler, at least for the winter... although George Clooney will probably think I'm cooler for driving the Hybrid.

And there, my friends, is the rub.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Smarmy!

It's twats like this who will wonder where all the petrol's gone and struggle to remember how to WALK anywhere when it dries up (whenever I visit the US I seem to be the only pedestrian - and attract odd looks from the fat, overweight, heart-attack-pending f**ks in their Yank Tanks).

Then they'll try to find someone else to blame for not having oil any more.

exliontamer1 said...

While I feel that getting involved in the exact reasons why such an opinion is ignorant and dangerous I was amused by two points in particular. Firstly the inability to distinguish between 'omit' and 'emit' serves to illustrate that the author has questionable mental capacity and successfully undermines his argument by making it glaringly obvious.
My second point is more explicitly addressed to the author himself, but may also serve as a warning to those harboring similar beliefs. Use of the phrase 'hang with the big boys' supports the age-old theory that drivers of such vehicles feel the need to make up for anatomical inadequacies. Such a phrase pouring forth from the unconscious speaks volumes about inner insecurity, supported by the need to broadcast the message in such an overstated manner. Please take some time for introspection, for your own sake.