Friday, December 21, 2007

Maybe There Is Something To Be Learned From The French

Now hold off before you completely write this post off as another political diatribe because I assure you its not. Normally I would agree with you that we need the French just as bad as we need another butthole. However in this case I have to give major props to current French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Over the past 12 years or so he’s been married to some wretched whore, Cecilia Sarkozy, who obviously had as much sense as a half retarded donkey. For the past five years their relationship seemed to be on the skids until some photos surfaced in 2005 with Cecilia sucking face and holding hands with some clown in NYC. What a dumb broad right? She’s a fairly high profile person and her friggin husband is running for the presidency in France, but this nimrod thinks she can go to New York and get her own private slap and tickle and not have anyone find out?? Not to mention that Sarkozy was the presidential hopeful and doing alright for himself but it obviously wasn’t enough for this chick.

Anyways they ended up getting back together for Sarkozy’s final push for the presidency. And now, not even a full year into his first year they are getting a divorce evidently because Cecilia can’t keep her gross roast beef curtains in her pants. So what does Sarkozy do? What any one of us would LOVE to do if found in the same position. He gets a former supermodel that is half the age and about three times as hot as his ex. You think he’s sleeping better at night? I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a bit more enjoyable having perky little apples bounce in your face as opposed to saggy, flabby titties that resemble plastic bags full of vanilla yogurt.

In conclusion well done Nicolas! We should all take a page out of your book.



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Yeah you should learn a lot from the French. How to act like a man, for one. You are a fucking piece of pussy.