Friday, December 21, 2007

Home Grown Talent

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Boston's best undiscovered talent: Lily Holbrook. This chick possesses so many phenomenal qualities its almost hard to figure out where to begin. Norman P. was so lovestruck by her last night that he couldn't even watch her sexily strum her guitar in the Park Street T station. He was flushed, breathing quickly, and could barely control himself. She's that f*cking hot.

This gem can be found busking around Boston. I've seen her in Harvard Square and Park Street, and it made me LITERALLY not want to get on the train. She has a super sexy voice, plays a solid piece of guitar, and is gorgeous. Which all begs the question... what in the sweet name of all that is holy is she doing playing in the subway?!?!

Check her out at but be careful... Norman has called dibs, and he's pretty serious about the girl. That being said, I'm completely willing to fight him to the death for her.


Anonymous said...

this broad's a fucking pig... but still probably the hottest chick in boston... boo!

Anonymous said...

a pig! in what way?????????

john said...

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