Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Third Time is a Charm....or Not

OK, I have to admit that I hadn't had the opportunity to take Cornstarr's suggestion and view the 2girls1finger video after I had informed this site of the horrid things I first saw on 2girls1cup.

I watched the video tonight....and immediately started dry heaving and wishing I could poke my eyes out of my head. It wasn't until I was feeling very faint that I realized that there was a link below the video to the THIRD and final installment of the video trilogy. http://www.4girlsfingerpaint.com/ I am here to tell you that I no longer have faith in humanity. I think that we live in a filthy world and we're all going to hell. I can't even begin to comment on the sh*t fantasy web site's THIRD tummy turnover.

You all know you're gonna go right to the website at your first opportunity. So what are you waiting for ?

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