Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Arthur Blank Must Have Been A Real D-Bag In A Previous Life

How else can you explain how Blank has been utterly bent over plugged in his pooper recently? I mean this guy can’t buy a bucket right? Look at it this way. To say that picking Mike Vick number one overall in 2001 didn’t work out might be the biggest understatement since Schilling said if the Sox sign Santana they’ll have a tough time not winning 120 games. Sure, NFL teams make bad draft decisions all the time no big deal. But after the dog fighting debacle of the past year Blank lost his franchise player, his team's name was dragged through the mud, his team was ripped apart and he lost his fan base. But what’s worse is that Mike Vick helped rebuild the fan base in Atlanta. Vick sold out that stadium every Sunday and got the fans in Hotlanta interested in football again. Since then, the Falcons stink worse then ever. The player people were coming to see is just starting to serve a two year sentence and the fans aren’t showing up anymore.

Blank tried to make a power move to hire a new and upcoming coach in Bobby “two pump chump” Petrino to turn the franchise around. 13 weeks into the season Petrino poops out of his 3 year contract to sign with Arkansas. This nimrod signed contracts that add up to 14 years of service in a year and a half at three different places. Would you hire this guy? The players are pissed, Blank’s pissed, the fans are pissed and worst of all they still stink. Hopefully the players will band together and come out and kick some ass for the rest of the season just on general principle.

I’m not sure who you pissed off Art, or what type of heinous acts you committed in a previous life, but it must have been pretty awful to have this string of bad luck. Sorry dude. I feel bad for you. I really do.

P.S. On a complete side note, I think the comments Blank made during this weeks MNF game are completely fine. Give the guy a friggin break for christ’s sake.

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