Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fact:The Yankees Front Office Takes Hard Drugs

Have the Yankees gone completely bonkers? Ever since Steinbrenner's seed started spiking the mineral water with bad ecstasy in meetings they've made some pretty loopey decisions. Signing Posada to a 4 year deal might be the worst....and to make him the highest paid catcher of all time no less.....OF ALL TIME! Absurd. I realize that George sold his soul to the devil back in the 70s and now poops solid gold but does that mean common sense goes right out the window?

I get it. Posada had a decent year last year but to give him the farm just solidifies the fact that the Red Sox management has left the Yanks' management in the dust. If they don't mind we'll continue to give them our washed up players after we've got the best years out of them and we'll probably grab a couple more championships while they battle for mediocrity. Also, I'm sure its inevitable that Theo will out-manuever Brian Cashman to land Johan Santana. I initially said that New York will finish behind Tampa Bay but if they keep this up they might be the leading candidate to finish dead last.



Wimpy Miles said...

my bet is that santana ends up in pinstripes after all is said and done. HOWEVER... if they can swing santana w/out giving up Buccholz or Ellsbury (which is the case with the latest 'proposition' being talked about), I'll eat my goddamn hat. forget about it. i'll probably die.

again though, i bet he ends up in the Bronx. they NEED him.

Anonymous said...

Check out Varitek's contract. Seriously, that dude is like a cripple at the plate.

George Bush said...

i'll take varitek over a foreigner any day