Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2008 Is Set to Be the Year of Simply Suds

That's right. I'm calling it right now. 2008 is going to be my year. 2007 was awful....and I'd rather pretend that I didn't spend a good portion of it unemployed and shitfaced. But such is life, and I'm ready to kick 2008's ass. Do you hear me 2008 ? Yes I am gritting my teeth at you, and I'd punch you right in the smackers if you had the audacity to look me in the eye like a human. I'm completely overhauling all aspects of my life starting right now. Work, where I live, gettin' back to my roots, and spending more time with all of you messes.

Simply Suds has been in hiding for quite some time. I promise that starting today, you're going to be wishing that we never met. Sure, maybe it will be after you find me flipping over one of your couch cushions after an "accident." Or maybe it will be when you wake up and your kitchen looks like someone decided to throw lasagna in the air and catch it like an M&M. But hey, that's the hurricane you get when you mix it up with Suds.

Be prepared....I'm back mothafuckassssssssssssss.


Justin Timberlake said...

"I'm Bringing Sudsy Back!"

Anonymous said...

it's about time Sudsy, the site was really starting to suck (i admit it, i was just kidding all those other times)